Career Guidance And Testing

Personalized Educational and Career planning services to students, parents and professionals.

We focus on

1. Career assessment, Education Planning, Career path development and Educational Information for students.

2. Empowering parents to positively discipline children and help their children grow into healthy, happy individuals.

Our career counselors are prominent and experienced in conducting the career planning sessions. Career Planning consist of 45 minutes online assessment which helps the counselor to assess the students and provide effective career counseling.


Benefits of the assessment –

1. Standardized Assessment, user friendly and time saving

2. 33 pages personalized and comprehensive report

3. Includes personality, interest, values, subjects assessment, aptitude and skills and abilities

4. Suitable Career Options out of 15 Career Clusters, 65+ Career Paths and more than 3000+ Occupations

5. Career road map –a detailed execution plan.

6. Education Road Map and recommendations - career advancement courses and certifications required.

7. Strengths, weaknesses and abilities to give the right direction and support for further skills training.